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Top 7 | Best Ways to Understand the Customer Experience

In these challenging economic times, business owners must focus attention back to ensuring that every action is returning effective results every day. 

 Now more that ever, we are facing the need to examine expenses and revenue channels and make tough decisions. Take a look at these easy ways to save money and control costs.  

1. Social Media 

 Use these channels to promote your business today, you know it’s free but it might not be easy to start, but now is this the time. Again, we have so many resources available to small businesses to learn how to promote online and it’s free.  

2. YouTube 

Video continues to dominate the marketplace as the easiest and most authentic way for you to communicate directly with your audience. Learn how to get comfortable using it today and tell your story. 

 3. Open Source Software

More and more customizable and unique solutions for small businesses are a click away. Use the search engine and ensure that the software you are investing in is not available from a free open source option. 

4. Inexpensive Web Hosting

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5. Ask for a Discount 

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6. Barter Trade 

Every business has an opportunity to share and trade theirs goods and services in exchange for necessities that you have to buy in most cases. Examine each vendor relationship you have an identify the ones that could possibly benefit from exploring a trade relationship. 

7. E-Newsletter 

Start an email newsletter today, there are many choices available to help small business to launch this cost effective way to speak with your customers. They, like you, are often in the market for deals and ways to save money -so start talking with them today. 

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