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Three questions you need to ask yourself

The foundations of every successful small business project start with some essential strategies. The Customer Experience | The 3 Keys the building a firm and solid foundation are:  

Know your Why

The creation process must begin with the simple, yet elegant question of Why. It can be why am I doing this project, Why are we investing our money in this business, Why are we leaving everything we know to start something new…. all of these fundamental answers are critical to not only the marketplace and your consumers, but more importantly to you – the owner. 

Know your Audience

As the world continues to race towards a digital based existence and constant targeting and retargeting advertising strategic mix, small businesses and emerging brands are now required to learn the rules of the digital road – quicker than ever or be left behind. Using data analytics to capture an understand your target audience and ideal customer is more important now than ever before. To make it even more challenging, just know the basic demographic and psychographic characteristics is not enough – you need to engage with your customers and leads on a level that is personal and genuine to succeed in this market today. 

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Know your Marketing

Here, as the saying goes is “where the rubber hits the road”. For many small business owners unfortunately, it’s the starting point. The rush to drive sales and develop new business is force that expedites the investment in advertising before the questions of: “what to say” and “who to say it to” are answered. 

At the core of each successful business is a solid foundation. These fundamental truths exist in your business as well as ours and as we lean into our truths we become stronger and more united.